Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Boy Who Slept in Class

This is the video link and some film stills from my final diploma project, 'The Boy Who Slept in Class', at NID, that I completed end of August this year. I worked for an NGO, Thoughtshop Foundation (http://thoughtshopfoundation.org/index.html ), Kolkata. The subject of the film is Domestic Violence (DV) and how it affects children and their performance in schools. This particular script has been adapted from a short story, 'The Boy Who Slept in Class', which is part of their publication and campaign, 'Schools Show the Way'. The srcipt has been revised and rewritten and the film animated by me under the guidance of Santayan and Himalini, my project heads at the organisation, and Sekhar from my Institute (NID).
 The sound and music has been composed by Santayan. The dialogue is in gibberish, it will be shown to teachers in rural schools around the country.
The film has been produced by Thoughtshop Foundation, in association with We Can, India (as a part of their campaign to stop violence against women).

Also! this film has won the TBS DigiCon6 International Film Festival Award from India this year and will be screened at the award ceremony in Tokyo on the 18th of November!.

We spread a positive message against violence and hope this film encourages one to voice and express.


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