Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is the official promo for our colleges' (NID) international animation film festival CHITRAKATHA 11' Edition 3.The Fest' was an absolutely mindblowing insight into animation around the world with eminent people coming in from across the globe and our very own land! ALL of this was organised beautifully by our department co-ordinator, Sekhar Mukherjee! If you'll were around to experience the enthusiasm, you've been lucky! 

The promo was started two weeks before the festival. The animation, storyboarding and backgrounds were managed by me and my friend Dipankar Sengupta, clean up of character and outlining, character design, colour palette by me, final compositing was handled by my friend Shravan Arvind; and the saviors to all our last minute demanding for music and sound were Venkatram V and Matthew Jacob! 
Thanks everyone awesome working together! 


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