Monday, March 19, 2012

So recently, I started this diary of little quotes I thought I should pen down. These things come to me in flashes and I keep thinking I should write them down but never do so. NOW I have :). I hope that I can look back at these to sometimes make me feel better, sometimes to think and sometimes make me learn from my mistakes. I thought I'd illustrate one of them:
 "Sometimes, somethings hurt so much, that we're left looking over our shoulders, instead of looking at the road ahead of us'"
I'm sure there are plenty of us who feel that way every once in a while, but do not be defeated, this too shall pass. :) .


Gunjan Joshi said...

Oh Zis is naice. Zis, she is very naice. And so deeferent from your normal work!

Lavanya said...

Thanks Jungi, ya for once it's black and white (not minding the tiny speck of pink) :)

Kaveri Gopalakrishnan said...

I really like her expression.
I used to keep a book of quotes or 'nice-sounding sentences' in school :).

Nikhita said...

That's a wonderful quote! I really hope you're right - I'm kinda going through a downhill curve right now.

Lavanya said...

Thanks Kaveri, there are those moments when you wake up in the morning and something comes to you, like a beacon of bright, shining, fully formed wisdom, and by the time you remember to write it down ten days later, you don't remember a thing, hence the book! :D
Thanks Nikhita! Believe in you me, it's going to get better :D!