Monday, April 30, 2012

This is for Thoughtshop Foundation. The colours are coded for six faces of eight cubes. Participants roll the cubes like dice and get to tell a story with the top faces of all eight cubes. I had a ton of fun working on this, working for them is always a pleasure.

In More Detail:

These illustrations are for “Storybox”, a skill-building game that encourages positive thinking. It is part of a set of participatory tools for youth Change Makers – volunteers with the WE CAN CAMPAIGN.

The game stimulates the ability to envision positive outcomes for girls and women in adverse circumstances. It has been designed in response to the need to empower young people, to enable them to act with inspiration and hope when dealing with situations of gender based discriminations and violence they see around them.

The tool is being piloted in English and Hindi through a few organizations associated with We Can Campaign.

There should be links to download USER MANUALS and DIY kits on the Thoughtshop Foundation website soon. I shall update this space as soon as the links are up! 


prakash said...

great work!! good to have information about the product too.

Lavanya said...

Thank you so much Prakash! If you'd like, watch this space for updated links for downloading, sometime in the near future!

Robin Chakraborty said...

I like it! :D I will really like to play this game!

Lavanya said...

That's great I'll update once you can download content! Thank you so much! :D