Sunday, November 25, 2012


Happy Dada Day!

My Dad(Dada) and I, are a team. The rules of our team are, that we can shout, bully and scold each other, but dare anyone else do the same to either of us, we stand tall(and small) and defend one another until the 'anyone' understands the rules of this team.
Sometimes, people ask me, "How do you draw like so?", well here's the answer; I get that from my Dada. As a child I have spent many afternoons keeping very very still, as he sat and sketched one portrait after the other of me. Which were followed by frustrating pursuits from my end, to draw him. 

Happy Birthday Dada!

Here's to endless singing sessions, crossword, sudoku, scrabble, sketching, dancing and all of the other crazy daddy-daughter things that I treasure. 
Thank you for being the worlds most wonderful father. 
You are what perfection means to me.

 I hope one day, I can draw like my Dada.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


This one's for the most wonderful birthday I've had in 24 years.

A big thank you to my parents and brother, for making it absolutely star studded and writing one of the most 
touching letters I have ever received; 
to Ladoo, who went out of his way to give me one of best and most well thought of gifts; an actual home for all my work! Yes folks! I am soon to have a website up and running, all thanks to the man. Moreover, also for making me breakdown with happiness for all the other gestures, which I hold very close to my heart. Honestly, you get me *fist bump*;
To my two bestest friends Maddy and Pallu, for making it happen after five long years, I wish I could trap you guys in my awesome new handmade snow-globe and carry you around with me! I could honestly not ask for better friends than you two;
To Shubee, who's been there through the craziest times, been my pillar of support, also just a pillar in general and the most considerate best friend anyone could ask for, if anyone tries to mess with you, you send them to me girl. I now have 50 dogs on my team. 'Bffs for life yaw';
To Harsha, for being at the receiving end of all my horrendous jokes and being supportive and protective *face palm* your face now;
To Nanda, who's always been a willing audience to my ridiculousness and laughed with me, no matter how NOT funny I can sometimes be (it's a good thing you've got some trouble hearing), thank you also for always being around, sharing the same mad interests and sometimes even crying together both when high and low;
To Kanshu, for always making sure I see the other side of the coin. For holding me up when I was falling;
To Porky, for unknowingly helping me through stuff and all the food binge hopping,
To Leo' for being a part of my life and the selfless love;
And to everyone and every dog who made my birthday memorable, with all their wishes and wagging. 

I feel very loved, thank you.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

All time love.


Love like that, is rare. It's true and wondrous to the whole.
Happy anniversary Mumma and Dada. 

We love you. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November is here.

Forever Best Friends.

This is dedicated to the world's most doting and wonderful mother. 

My Ma and I often take walks, and as we walk, she educates me on the flora around us. She names trees and flowers and shrubs and creepers; scientific latin uttered with every step.
I remember this, like it was yesterday.
 I must have been five or six. We were walking around our coffee plantation in Coorg and she stopped by a flowering shrub. It had bright red flowers that looked like budding hibiscus'. Ma plucked one off of the shrub, removed its calyx (the little green cap that the flower wears at its base) and sucked at the back of the flower. I stared at her and soon followed suit. Oh my! That sense of wonder and surprise makes me smile even today! As I sucked at the back of the flower, I could taste honey! I spent the rest of the afternoon sucking all the honey from most of the flowers I could reach up to. And when they ran out of nectar, I tried eating the flowers (I do not do this on a regular basis, both Ma and Me are pro 'long live nature'). We then made garlands with the plucked flowers to adorn the various frames of Hindu Gods and Godesses in my grandmothers' puja room.

Thank you Ma, for everything. 
You let me explore, make mistakes, dust it off and stand up again. 
You stopped me from nothing.
I try, everyday, to be half as good a person as you are. 

Here's wishing you the brightest, most enjoyable year ahead. 
Happy Birthday,
I love you.

- Mamoni.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

When all else fails, sit down and have a good laugh. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

After Dark

Lately, I'd been thinking of new things to draw, and I realised I've never really tried to represent the night. It's interesting how colours work in a dark room. Figuring this palette out, was massive amounts of fun. You should try it too, if you haven't already!

On a side note, this one's for those innumerous times I've heard you singing "ghum naam hain koi", in the dark Satyam. It's also for the innumerable hours you've stayed up to talk to me.