Sunday, November 25, 2012


Happy Dada Day!

My Dad(Dada) and I, are a team. The rules of our team are, that we can shout, bully and scold each other, but dare anyone else do the same to either of us, we stand tall(and small) and defend one another until the 'anyone' understands the rules of this team.
Sometimes, people ask me, "How do you draw like so?", well here's the answer; I get that from my Dada. As a child I have spent many afternoons keeping very very still, as he sat and sketched one portrait after the other of me. Which were followed by frustrating pursuits from my end, to draw him. 

Happy Birthday Dada!

Here's to endless singing sessions, crossword, sudoku, scrabble, sketching, dancing and all of the other crazy daddy-daughter things that I treasure. 
Thank you for being the worlds most wonderful father. 
You are what perfection means to me.

 I hope one day, I can draw like my Dada.


Sudha Palepu said...


Lavanya said...

HAHAHA! :D Thank you Sudha!

Nandini said...

AWWWWWWW! Sucha Teary Lovely one, Lanaa! :D Love!