Thursday, November 22, 2012


This one's for the most wonderful birthday I've had in 24 years.

A big thank you to my parents and brother, for making it absolutely star studded and writing one of the most 
touching letters I have ever received; 
to Ladoo, who went out of his way to give me one of best and most well thought of gifts; an actual home for all my work! Yes folks! I am soon to have a website up and running, all thanks to the man. Moreover, also for making me breakdown with happiness for all the other gestures, which I hold very close to my heart. Honestly, you get me *fist bump*;
To my two bestest friends Maddy and Pallu, for making it happen after five long years, I wish I could trap you guys in my awesome new handmade snow-globe and carry you around with me! I could honestly not ask for better friends than you two;
To Shubee, who's been there through the craziest times, been my pillar of support, also just a pillar in general and the most considerate best friend anyone could ask for, if anyone tries to mess with you, you send them to me girl. I now have 50 dogs on my team. 'Bffs for life yaw';
To Harsha, for being at the receiving end of all my horrendous jokes and being supportive and protective *face palm* your face now;
To Nanda, who's always been a willing audience to my ridiculousness and laughed with me, no matter how NOT funny I can sometimes be (it's a good thing you've got some trouble hearing), thank you also for always being around, sharing the same mad interests and sometimes even crying together both when high and low;
To Kanshu, for always making sure I see the other side of the coin. For holding me up when I was falling;
To Porky, for unknowingly helping me through stuff and all the food binge hopping,
To Leo' for being a part of my life and the selfless love;
And to everyone and every dog who made my birthday memorable, with all their wishes and wagging. 

I feel very loved, thank you.


Nandini said...

Muchas LOUF to you toooo! Yay! I made it into Lanaa's Happiness Illo! :D Keep Big-Teethy-Smiling-Grinning-Gurgling for the rest of eternity, because this World needs some Light and Awesomeness. :* I LOVE YOU LANAA!!! :)

Lavanya said...

:') I LOVE YOU TOO NANDA!! :D You're like a beacon of light even on a sunny day. Thank you :*.

Pallavi Jain said...

I love you sooo much.. so glad cud make things happen just rte for ur bday..
muuuuuaahhh.. wish u many more such bdays.. will always be there :)