Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Nanda!

This is coming in late, slipped my mind to post this on the 2nd of April!


To my golden drop of sun, to the reason for many smiles for over six years now, to knowing a true friend, for restoring the security that people like you, do exist and a small reminder to me, that I have been extremely lucky to have friends like you. Thank you Nanda, for everything, for all your love, for all your time and all your encouragement and advice. I know that I can always come to you, no matter how small or large the problem, and you will always have a solution, a comforting word and the will to see me through it till I am smiling. 

I am very lucky to have a rainbow crazy leprechaun like you in my life. 
I hope I can do for you, what you have done for me. 

I love you very much, here's a tight hug, from me to you.

You deserve every success and happiness in the world.

Happy Birthday!


Nandini said...

My heart has a sunshiny, sparkly, all-time-glowy, pumped-up-with-unicorn blood & rainbow-coloured Blob in it. It's You. And I'm loving it. forever.

Lavanya said...

That's beautiful! Thank you for giving me that space Nanda. :') You mean the world to me. I love you, forever and always.

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Lovely illustration! :D

And lovely- you girls! :* <3

I can NEVER EVER get over your blog. And I think I'll just wander by on every blue day to fill myself with the sunshine it radiates.

Here's wishing you everything happy, Lavanya!

Lavanya said...

Thank you SO MUCH SANDHYA!! Your words mean a lot to me. :D I wish you the same and more!

Love always,