Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Some Twelve Odd Years Ago


The rain is most definitely my most favourite time in Calcutta, not just because, everything smells like wet earth, not because it's the perfect time to have chai and pakoras, but because it brings back my fondest memories of the time spent with my best friend, Pallu. Her place was very close to school, so on some days, I'd come over for lunch, and the minute the sky got dimmer, our hearts would race and we'd rush to the terrace.
 We love the rain. And after a good soak, we'd, dry off and head to the kitchen to make macaroni in white sauce.
 That has to be the most delicious macaroni I have ever had! 
Lots of butter, chilli flakes and love.

To growing up together, and over a decade of being the best of friends,
I love you so much Pallu!


Manmayee Desai said...

Oh, beautiful color palette, and lovely composition. Very nice.

Lavanya said...

Thank you so much Manmayee!! :D

Anonymous said...

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Lavanya said...

Why thank you! :)I am glad.