Friday, June 21, 2013

The Sleepyhead and the Chatterbox

It's been so long since I picked up a brush and painted on paper. On my recent trip to Nepal, I had a sudden urge to sketch, so the boy bought me a sketchbook. We had only a day in hand and with the wondrous distractions of a new place, I forgot about the sketchbook, 
until now.

For the many nights you try so hard to stay awake to listen to my continuous chatter from religion, politics, to the neighborhood dogs, films and just about everything under the sun, you are truly wonderful.

 Thank you!
 (but also, you are warned, it isn't going to stop.)

(acrylics on paper)


satyam said...

Those aren't my cheeks :P

Lavanya said...

Yes, of course they aren't, just like the boy in the picture cannot possibly be you. :P

Jagriti Khirwar said...

This is adorable. I was actually waiting to see some of your hand painted work.

Lavanya said...

Thank you! :D