Tuesday, July 30, 2013



I think this may speak for every one of my classmates from school:
 My friend Ankita's grandmother, who we lovingly call Dundun, has at some point in our school lives, been a granny to us all.

Love you so very much Dundun, 
wish you the best of health and the warmest hugs.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Adopt a puppy!

Shout out to all dog lovers in Pune!

This little puppy needs a home, he is temporarily set up at Jeev Raksha, a shelter in Pune, however the conditions aren't suitable to keep him there much longer!
He's extremely playful and very loving and deserves to have a family!

Please ask your friends if they'd like to take this furry friend in, or if they may know an animal society in Pune we can get in touch with, or if you yourself would like a most adorable furry companion, 
get in touch with:

Shubham Shreya: +91 7507551066
E-mail: shubham.graphicdesign@gmail.com

Every little action done to help spread the word could get him a loving home soon!

So don't hesitate!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Night Sky Shine

Star Studded Nights

On my recent trip to the mountains, the boy introduced me to a most wondrous spectacle. 
As darkness surrounds us,where the air is clean and night is still, the sky decks herself to the nines, with a hundred thousand stars.

Oh! What a humbling sight!

Thank you for helping me realise it's magnificence, 
and thank you for being the one I shared the experience with.

Much love, to the boy who left his heart in the mountains