Tuesday, July 30, 2013



I think this may speak for every one of my classmates from school:
 My friend Ankita's grandmother, who we lovingly call Dundun, has at some point in our school lives, been a granny to us all.

Love you so very much Dundun, 
wish you the best of health and the warmest hugs.


Nikhita said...

so cute and what lovely colors! :)

Daughter of the Night said...

Aww! Yes absolutely.

Lavanya said...

Thank you! :D
Gits tell me when you're in town, we should go to Anki's :)

jazzlamb said...

Ooh, so much fun stuff to seee!! :) This is so lovely Lava! :D

Lavanya said...

Aww thanks Jazz! :*