Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Night Sky Shine

Star Studded Nights

On my recent trip to the mountains, the boy introduced me to a most wondrous spectacle. 
As darkness surrounds us,where the air is clean and night is still, the sky decks herself to the nines, with a hundred thousand stars.

Oh! What a humbling sight!

Thank you for helping me realise it's magnificence, 
and thank you for being the one I shared the experience with.

Much love, to the boy who left his heart in the mountains


ashish said...

I guess i spent more than an hour on your blog,i believe your site is an essential tool in a procrastinator's toolkit. Is illustrating just a hobby or you do it professionally ?

Lavanya said...

HAHAHA Thank you Ashish, I shall take that as a compliment :). I am an animator and illustrator by profession and by hobby :D do keep visiting!

ashish said...

I was afraid that you'll say that you don't do this professionally
I am really glad that you do all this amazing stuff professionally too :)

It'll be great if you can lend me your services in one of my projects. Can you please give me your contact details, so that we can explore the possibility of working together
You can shoot me a mail at

Lavanya said...

Will do! Thank you! :D

siva said...

Dont flatter yourself with PS. ;P