Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ever Blossom.


Last year on the 5th of November, I gifted my mother an ever blooming variety of plant, the euphorbia milli aka Milli. It was to be my proxy, while I spent time away from home travelling abroad. My mother has always been a gifted green thumb and the plant true to it's description and it's owner, has always been in bloom. 
Recently about a month ago, my parents took a vacation to the South of India. She left Milli to the care of our mashi. Mashi vowed to take care of Milli and religiously did so while my mother was away. Strange as it may be, Milli having sensed my mother's absence, refused to rejoice in a new caretaker's shower of love, and did not bloom. 
On my parents' return, mother was horrified. Milli was sunken and depressed, with not a single blossom on her.
Mashi was thoroughly confused and upset and needed much consoling.
 Mother started to talk to and take care of little Milli. Within three days time, by what I would normally call a coincidence, but what was quite obviously a Mother's love, Milli was back being her usual blossomy self, swaying in the breeze, leaves shining.

A month later, which is a few days ago, I returned from a long travel, quite exhausted and haggard. Took me two days of Ma's love and her home cooked meals to feel like Milli does. 

My mother has that effect on me, and everyone she loves. She is a miracle maker. 

Happy Birthday Mommy dearest!
We love you more than one can contain in expression.

To good health, happiness, good fortune and the superlatives of all good things in the world-

And Happy Birthday Milli!