Sunday, April 27, 2014

Food, water-colours and a small prayer for a vacation.

I've been attempting a balancing act at this point like never before! So many things to sort and work on all at the same time. All I need a nice swig of cold beer, some evening breeze, a good sketchbook with some good old cartridge paper and a partner in crime. I think he'll be here in a week.

On a different note, I'm sitting with my water-colours after ages. And I realise I've run out of all the good paper I use to have in college. Need some urgent stationary stocking up. 
Wonderfully enough though, my eight year old set of Camel water-colours is still mixing up really well. She's got a decade and more, I bet. 

 Hope everyone out there is taking time off and enjoying the weekend!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


My official first attempt at drawing my first realistic yet fictitious dragon. I really enjoyed the process, drawing in all the details on the scales and the veins and everything. Ridiculous amounts of fun! 

This one is dedicated to my best friend across the sea, Maddy. On having a conversation with her about drawing the dragon, she promptly named her Ron. She'd seen the first colour draft and was reminded of the Weasleys. 

So there you go, Ronnie ♥.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Soul Sister!

She is one of the most wonderful, big hearted and loving people I know. Seven years. ago she made room for me in her life and I am so glad. Apart from all the peculiar things we have in common and also those priceless moments, you truly redefine magic to me because of the human being that you are.

My best friend, my soul sister.
Happy Birthday my love! 

You deserve every happiness in the world.