Tuesday, August 19, 2014

'The only thing keeping you from being happy, is the belief that you are alone.' - Anna Draper, Madmen.

Too many terrible tidings on the news, too many treacherous losses over the last couple of weeks. A small prayer for peace. A little hope for more love. And genuine gratitude, for what some of us are fortunate enough to have.

A big thank you, especially to Ladoo, for making the distance take a hike, always.  :) ♥.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Roommates - the short

And here it is! :D I hope you enjoy it!

Roommates from lavanyanaidu on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 9, 2014



I confess, I used to be mortified by the sight of lizards. No logic really. Ironically, I would probably appear to be some tail-less Godzilla to it, but it's just one of those things that you fear and refuse to reason with.
 I've had this Mother lizard in my room, for say over 2 years. She pretty much keeps to herself, sometimes taking rounds between my desk and a small hole in the wall behind my waste paper basket, catching moths and light bugs and what not. Every once in a while she leaves a little surprise on my table while I'm asleep at night, not a pretty one. but the previous nights digested dinner. 

It's all peaceful. 

She goes outside for a walk on the wall, has a one night stand and has a ton of babies.

Suddenly, I wake up one morning, and they are all over the place. Crawling out from behind the tube-lights, merging with the ply on my desk, snoozing on the rim of my wardrobe. 
Mother lizard knows me, but these fellows? NO. So the minute I shriek, they fall, either on me or near my feet, running nervously in all directions, me all the while trying to stand still in order not to step on them.

So this is how it is post mating season. A lot of lizard babies and a lot of mild trauma on my part.

But then everything changed. 

My partner got me some sticky paper to trap these guys and throw them into the bushes. 
 Things were going too far, and I couldn't keep track of them anymore. I'd go to sleep with one perched on my tube-light, then wake up in the middle of the night for a drink of water and find them on the frame above my head. Have you ever turned the lights on and off and seen how fast they move from one place to another? DON'T. Apparition exists, Harry Potter fans.

So I finally got around using this paper. And it changed my life. How? 
I put it on the floor and waited. There was this particular Tiny thing that merged with the ply on my desk. Bold and brave, catching bugs almost one third it's size. And then one of these bugs landed on the paper, Tiny thing gets excited. Tiny thing is stuck on paper. 
With probably the most courage I have ever had to display, I picked the paper up opened the window and let it go. Lizard gone, cool wind blowing and I realized a minute too late, that it broke my heart. 

Not that I wanted a room infested with lizards, but it was out there in the cold, predators and all. The adhesive would dry in a bit and it would be free to go. But why I found it necessary to do that to something so tiny, I could not find an answer to. I stood by the window for an hour.hoping it would crawl back in. Actually hoping, waiting.
And then when it didn't, I sat down on the floor and had the biggest cry I've had in a very long time.
Not a pretty sight. 

The next morning I looked out the balcony and the paper was empty, the bug and Tiny thing were both gone. I felt guilt and then relief. 

Now? I have roommates. I've learnt to live with them. When they need my desk, I just give them their privacy and leave the room, or pretend my bed is an island and plonk myself there.
I sometimes even try to stick light bugs to broom sticks and feed these guys (hasn't worked so far, you have to be really really still). I'll still scream if one falls on me and quietly leave the room if it's running all over the place. But I am not mortified anymore. I wish to coexist.

I've worked on a tiny, silly little short film, bearing only little coincidence to real life events.
It should be up soon, and here's a still from it ^^.

 I hope you have a laugh or a shiriek, but enjoy it. 

Coming soon! :D