Tuesday, August 19, 2014

'The only thing keeping you from being happy, is the belief that you are alone.' - Anna Draper, Madmen.

Too many terrible tidings on the news, too many treacherous losses over the last couple of weeks. A small prayer for peace. A little hope for more love. And genuine gratitude, for what some of us are fortunate enough to have.

A big thank you, especially to Ladoo, for making the distance take a hike, always.  :) ♥.


Nandini said...

You seem to be inventing the newest of styles, leaving the most experienced ones with no room to explore! Such a dazzler you. Keep more beautiful ones coming, Love!

Lavanya said...

Naaaaw! Thank you so much love! I shall strive to keep you dazzled. Tons of love to you! :D

Abhishek Dey said...

This is so amazing. I wish Blogger had a comment box like facebook. Prochur lyaadh lagchey, to comment. Going through your other posts.

They are pretty inspiring. :)