Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy Anniversary folks!!

In 30 years, if we can be half as strong and as in love as the both of you are, then we consider ourselves lucky. 

Thank you for making me believe. 

Happy Anniversary! 

We love you! 


SumaVeenaSharma said...

how gifted you are Lavanya and so blessed that you can express all you want in pictures...it takes me many words, while an artist like you can take on the world - one canvas at a time!

Lavanya said...

Thank you so much for your lovely and kind words! It truly means a lot to me. :)

jay trishnaa said...

nice blog Lavanya its very colorful n attractive it sure felt like watching a cartoon story. I had to stop painting before i got into job (especially when ur r a web developer)frankly i felt a bit jealous after watching ur blog like how u cud bring ur feelings in a creative way. Hope i get time create one for my own, thanks for inspiration.

Anyhow i wish u all the best for ur upcoming's Lavanya....