Saturday, October 10, 2015

TEDx - Bangalore - All Or Nothing

Had a ton of fun working on this for TEDx Bangalore! 

Enjoyed the speakers amidst all the chaos last Sunday! 
Thank you so much for having me! 

Besides that, here's a little bit about the illustration: 
Kindness. Isn't it odd how rare it is these days? Whether it's arguments going overboard on comment sections on the internet, or things of a much grander scale in the world. 

Why has it become so hard to be tolerant? To live and let live? To be able to love freely? To be kind? Where are we headed? 

My take on all or nothing, is a somewhat utopic image. A world where we can love, support and protect, not just one another, but other forms of life as well. We can try, hope isn't dead. If we do nothing, all may be lost, But if we all come together, nothing is impossible.

Also got some great press from Homegrown and Bangalore Mirror! Thanks so so much for the features, luckily managed to get the paper! :D